Stud Welding Machine

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It is easy to operate with no specialised skill require.
It provides better design and production flexibility.
It is free from deformation, burn-through & marking.
It is readily portable or bench mounted.
It ensures leak-proof fastening.
It saves time, labour and cost.
It is highly versatile.
It operates at 220V 50 Hz AC. 

Additional Benefits:
Not influenced by variation in power supply voltage.
The weld base is always stranger than the stud/base

Consistent high weld quality and better production rate.

Capacitor discharge stud welder uses a low voltage electrostatic storage system in which the weld energy is stored in a capacitor bank of high capacitance.

The DC-studs or fasteners have a small, specially engineered tip at the weld end.

Once the welding current and the required spring force is set to suit the diameter or the stud, the fastener to be welded is loaded into the collet of the welding gun and is positioned in contact with the work piece.

When the switch on the welding gun is activated to start the welding sequence, the energy stored in the capacitor bank is discharged through the small tip, which rapidly distintegrates, creating an arc which heats the surfaces of the stud and the work piece.

During arcing the stud is kept pressed against the base material by a spring action. When the two surfaces are in contact, fusion takes place and the weld is produced between the stud & the work piece, thus completing the total weld process within a few milliseconds.

 Technical Specifications :


SCD -06

SCD – 08


50000 MFD

70000 MFD

Charge Volt (stepless)

60 – 190 V DC

60 – 190 V DC

Duty cycle at max. dia.

10 – 12 studs per minute

10 – 12 studs per minute

Input voltage

220V AC, 5A

220V AC, 5A

Stud range

2 – 6mm. Dia.

2 – 8mm. Dia.

Welding gun operation



Gun type

Gap / contact

Gap / contact

Dimension (L x B x H)

370 x 300 x 250

500 x 300 x 250

Weight (approx.)

20 kgs.

25 kgs.