Inverter Based Air Plasma Machine

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Air when heated upto 30.000 F undergoes ionic changes & reaches the Fourth state of matter, called Plasma.Instead of expensive Argon or Nitrogen, we use only compressed air Plasma formation. Hence it is called Air Plasma. 

It adopts advance inverter technology, Current can be adjusted easily Compact , light and portable, making it comfortable to use. It is suitable for cutting steel , carbon steel, aluminium, copper Composite plate etc smooth kerf and high precision. 

Air plasma can be used to cut following metals: Mild steel, Stainless steel, Carbon & Alloy steel, Aluminium & its Alloy Copper, Casting, Bronze, Brass, Manganese & special Alloy Etc. 

Feed Back Control System can Control the Cut- Width of the Metal and Thereby Reduces Wastage.