IGBT based Co2 Mig Mag Welding Machine

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• Advanced digital control technology_

• Up to date wire feeding configuration

• wive Neel no Is d'ontlY controlled by pow source Sabi1 high speed CPU. which has faster response when compared with Metier COentnunlcalktri mode DI a rolls (PM,

 •s standard configuration largely improve wire feeding stability

 • Adoption of speed feedback system ensure more accurate wire feeding Control

 •A.* feeder is equipped with digital display and adjustment to achieve more convenient Operation

• Excellent welding performance for thin plates and medium thickness plates of aluminum materials. .. Accurate constant voltage contcol.stetile sec lengtn.optonized guise wreforre data

 • High speed CPU digital control. fast dynamic response. real one pulse one drop control

• B n expert synUronizatan date. auto matched *Along parameters based on material.wire. gas type and other welding demands

 • Intelligent control on cooling fan and water tank. 31; System willauto-check operation mode so that to power on the cooling fan or wafer lank, also to selficalcu tate the prolonged working biro according to the Operational Parameters. which can large:), reduce energy consumption end noise pollution end prolong niachne life-cycbs

 • Patented water tank built-in power supply design with special internal layout to reduce faulty operation probability, which is also of high reliability and elegant appearance.

 • Strict 3 proofings design: PCB glue sealing treatment. isolated air passage. sealed air passage, etc.

 • Other Humanized design details: locking-stope casters; tool box; torch hanger. cable hanger; comfortable machine grip/handle