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1.Electrical ARC is stable, splash is less and the Welding line is perfromed perfectly.ns dynamic characteristics is perfect & response is rapid, so it can he used for Welding from all postion. 
2.The ARC current can be freely adjusted. 
3.Arc can be ignited easily with stable current even under little current.Hot start & Arc Force feature is incorporated. 
4.Ovcr Current, Phase Failure, over load voltage, Under Voltage, Over Temperature protection is provided. 
5.Led indicator for error is also provided. 
6.MMAW can be used for MS, Low alloy steel, Stain less steel, Cl, Jobs for thickness ranging form 0:9-40 mm continous. 
7.The machine have Anti-Freeze, Variable hot start, Arc Force Facility. 
8.Safe Welding device is incorporated. This feature restiets the OCV within 12 Volts when the electrode is not striked. 
9.Scparatc Digital display fo voltage & Current is provided. 
10.Confirrns to IS 4559/93 (REAFFIRMED 2014).